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Broadening the mind?

After interviewing the famous and fabulous Martin Crosbie recently, I realised that he was the second Scot-transplanted-to-Canada to feature in a podcast. Then there’s me, a Londoner in Ontario. You may recall, I asked him if he thought the whole emigration thing had contributed to his writing, and we mused about outsiderness for a while. Intrigued, I went to the other blog I write for regularly, Indies Unlimted, and perused the other staff writers on the Indies Bio Page.  I realised that about half of us have moved from somewhere to somewhere else.

Not a scientific survey I’ll grant you but I wondered about the connection and decided to write about it. I asked some of the minions, “Did you become a writer because you travelled, or did you travel because you’re a writer?”
and “Writers often consider themselves to be outsiders, observing life. Did learning to adapt to new cultures foster this aspect of your personality?”

Reviews and interviews and podcasts, oh my!

By popular demand, natch.

Yes, I know, it’s been months. Excuses? Um, not really. Although I have been kinda busy being reviewed, interviewed and podcasted myself, what with the launch of TIE and all. I have loads of exciting ‘me me me’ links to share, people do seem to be liking the book a lot, but it seems a bit boring and, well, ‘me me me’ to chuck them all at you at once.

So, I have hatched a cunning plan. It’s a lot like last year’s cunning plan, which involved persuading writers whose books I love to come and talk to me for podcasts. This year I have a new line-up of writers, travellers, and people who have done amazing things and I will be reviewing their books and chatting to them for podcasts just like before. The extra bit? I’ll sneak in a review or two of my stuff as we go. You’ll hardly notice, I promise.

And now the paperback…

Here she be!

Now available in any format your heart desires (well, apart from the glossy coffee table version, didn’t seem right somehow).

Find TIE at

Find TIE at

Find TIE in .epub and .mobi

Now then, we really are talking the perfect Christmas/Holidays/Chanuka/Just Because/Winter Solstice/End of the World prezzie for the driver in your life. Hey, get two, you know more than one driver, right?

(Kindle user? Amazon’s Kindle version is still being mixed but the .mobi works just fine.)

There will be a flurry of marketing between now and the end of the year, then maybe we can get back to some gentle blogging about the odd things that people do, and then write about.

In the meantime I’ll keep you posted with reviews, media appearances, movie deals and the like! And thanks again for nagging, without the happy band of TIE blog followers there would never have been a book. Mwah!

And now there`s video…

As the print version crawls slowly towards being available what else could keep up the excitement and sense of anticipation?

A YouTube video trailer, that’s what. Posh, eh?




It’s finally here!

With thanks to the lovely Rebecca Poole for a fab cover!

Yeah, I know I promised it for the 15th and we’re a day late but all that aside, here she be…

available from today as an ebook on Smashwords

…perfect for your  Kindles, Nooks, Kobos et etc. The paperback will be available from Amazon by next week, I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up.

Then over the next few weeks this puppy will start to appear at other online bookseller sites such as B&N and Apple. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, the ebook is the way to go but the paperback will be the perfect Christmas gift for the driver in your life!

As soon as the excitement of telling everyone to buy a copy had settled down, TIE the blog has  a winter programme of reviews and podcast interviews lined up but it might take a while to get going this year…there’s marketing to do, booksignings and all manner of fun.

The Next Big Thing

It’s a blog hop. Yeah, I didn’t know what they were either but apparently it’s an independent authors’ game of tag…and I’ve been ‘tagged’!

The Next Big Thing is all about the next book to come out, a never-ending series of interviews, so with thanks to Chloe Jon Paul for tagging me, I will use this post to burble about the book to come after Trucking in English.

You can read about Chloe’s latest book here.

I’ll tag a few more people at the bottom of the post, some of them might just appear here as a podcast interview over the winter.

Anyway, on to the matter under discussion. Since Trucking in English has a planned publication date of:

(imagine the fanfare)

November 15th!

(Just in time for Christmas)

I have decided to use this post to tell you about the book that will come next. Sneaky huh?

Farewell to Lancashire

Well, it`s been a wet and windy summer. There have been wasps and bees. There have even been fleas and bedbugs. It`s not been the bumper insect massacre I was hoping for though, but The Boss says there`s always a busy year after a quiet one. So, maybe I`ll be back next year.

I`ve decided about the book though. I think it will be for kids, you know, the sort of little boys who love bugs anyway. I`ve spent the summer chatting to families up and down the county and have a bit of a grasp of the age group who take the most interest, the questions they ask and the answers they love. It`ll need a few more pics yet, and of course there are other books to write first. So, another book to add to the list.

The Waspie: Week One

The Boss poses for his profile shot, the new website required visuals.

Well, I’m back in Blighty where it’s wet, cold and miserable. I’ve been a pestie again for a week and it’s pretty quiet so far. Apart from the honey bee swarm on the day I landed, which the guy who called us was convinced was a wasps’ nest.

Now, it took me at least 20 minutes last year to learn the difference between a wasp and a honey bee, so one could forgive those who don’t watch insects for a living the error…unless we’re talking a massive swarm hanging from a tree.

All Change Again

Well, if you follow the blog with any regularity you might have noticed a dropping-off in new things. I’ve been busy plotting the next mad plan and it comes into being next week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the short series of book reviews and podcast interviews. There will be a break from these as I dash off to try a new daft exploit, just in case it’s interesting enough for a book.

If you’d like to tell me a story though, or send an adventuresome book for review, I hope to start a new series in the winter.

But what about Trucking in English? I hear you exclaim. What’s happening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening…the book is currently with a Canadian agent who is considering it carefully, so my plans to bring it out independently are on hold for a while, watch this space!

All Change


All Change

As promised last week, there have been a few changes around here. I’ve recovered from the sniffles of uploading the final podcast episode of Trucking in English and started to get excited about the next thing. Especially since the technology is being kind and working out.

Thanks to the lovely people at Academy Chicago I received a book to review not long ago. Roll On, by Fred Afflerbach. That’s it up on the right hand sidebar. After I’d read it, reviewed it and thought, ‘Whither the blog? Whither the podcast?’ for a bit longer, I emailed Fred and asked if he’d like to do the first ever, slightly experimental, TIE podcast interview.

He said yes, we had the call, I’ve learned to edit two voices and…ta daaa! TIE has a new direction.

So, a whole new look and much sorting out of new categories to help you find stuff.