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A Year on Planet Alzheimer

How it all began

When not trucking or writing about trucking, our heroine wears several different hats.


Carolyn’s first book began as a simple traveller’s yarn, a diary of an unusual expedition from the UK to Canada. The job, to watch over an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s type dementia.

The book became a running commentary on the culture-shock of the minutely trivial and emerged as a story about life, adventure, sanity and snow dumps. Ultimately an accidental fascination with Canada’s different kind of ordinary.

“This book is heartily recommended for anyone who wants to understand Canada, its people and its culture.”

” …a wonderfully funny, sometimes touching, very entertaining diary of a ‘gap’ year.”

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A Dream For Uganda

 Web work:

She designs, SEOs and maintains websites and is more than happy to ghost write your blog for you if you are busy.

This sample website/blog at dreamforuganda.com will give you an idea of what she can do.

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Making stuff:

Everybody needs a hobby

Tatting is a method of handcrafting delicate lace which is thought to date back to the early 1800s. It is thought to have developed from netting and decorative ropework as sailors and fishers would assembled motifs for girlfriends and wives at-home.

Decorative ropework used on ships includes techniques (esp. coxcombing) that demonstrate striking similarity with tatting. However, the technique was refined to create the kind of lacy decorations beloved of the Victorians, doilies and lace edgings and collars for dresses.

In the 21st century, tatters (of whom there are few) are reinventing the craft yet again to create modern jewellery and pieces of art. Although few tatters can resist making the odd doily or two to showcase their skills.