Trucking in English Podcast: Convoy, Part 2


Oh no, the final bit of the final chapter.

Snivelling a little, it’s been a lot of fun.

But books must finish or we’d never write new ones…and podcasts must grow and develop.

Stand by for some changes to the look and the feel of Trucking in English in the next few weeks, and if you’ve got something to say, a blog to plug or a book that is crying out for a TIE review, just let me know!

An absence of trouble this week, which leads to thoughts that it might be time to write about someone else.

Welcome to the second part of Chapter 21, and if you’ve missed the earlier episodes, they’re over at the Trucking in English Podcasts pages.

A blast from the past this week, some truly terrible French and surprising beer.

Trucking in English therefore presents:

Chapter 21: Convoy
Part 2: In which our heroine makes that decision.


If you liked the song it’s I like trucks by Kendel Carson. Find her and hear the rest on Youtube, even if you don’t like country stuff!

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