Updates galore

Yes, I know, what’s going on? We got left in the middle of a chapter and it’s taking cliffhangers a bit too far.

Life intervened with the podcasting a bit, and coincided with a realisation that there will come an end at some point to the adventures. Whither the blog? Whither the book? Whither the podcasts? Decisions had to be made, researchings had to be researched.

And now it can be revealed…all the whithers in one hit!

The blog: I’ve been sent a book to review! Academy Chicago Publishers, bless their little cotton socks, emailed to ask if I’d like to review a new book they’re bringing out about trucking. They thought this blog was the ideal spot, which of course it is. I have it now, am happily reading and will post a review shortly.

And this led to an idea. I have links (down to the right as you read this) to truckerly writers, blogs and books. It’s not just me who thinks trucking is an industry and a subculture worth writing about, it may be a tiny genre but it’s a genre. There will be reviews! And giveaways!

Do you have a book, blog, article or shopping list you’d like reviewed? Send them this way, we’re getting traffic people!

The Book: Here’s a secret I’ve been loath to reveal. Things came to a bit of a halt after Chapter 21. I became a part-time trucker. Now, I write more than I truck and the adventures are a bit thin on the ground. But hey, it’s not all about me. Part 4 of Trucking in English was always meant to about you. Well, a certain smallish percentage of you. I’ve tentatively interviewed a couple of local lady truckers about their adventures, and guess what? We’re all interesting.

So, stand by for regular blogs/tweets/naggings containing a call for contacts. Like this one…

Are you a lady trucker? Do you want to be in a book? Contact me now. You don’t have to be local, we can do the interview over SKYPE. Tell me your stories, become your own chapter.

The Podcast: Podcast Sundays will resume tomorrow, with the second part of Chapter 18, Return to Cincinnati. If you’ve forgotten what happened in part 1, that podcast is here. When the book gets to the point of not-being-written-yet there will be a bit of a change of tack. I’m off to Toronto’s Podcamp 2012 in a few weeks, to learn how to do a bit more than upload files of me. There will be interviews! I’ll be tracking down the authors of the things that get reviewed for a chat, natch, but we’ll spread things a little more widely.

I’ll be chatting to anyone who wants a voice, truckers, writers, bloggers, indie publishers…finding out what makes them tick and hearing what they think we should be interested in. There will be giveaways too.

There will be calls along the line of…

Do you want to be grilled? Do you know someone who should get their voice heard?

Very soon. But not quite yet. I have to learn how to do it first. And we have a book to get on with.

And we have giveaways to plan and organise. Did I mention the giveaways?
You might just have to hit the Twitter and/or Facebook buttons for access to those, but I know you do that anyway.

See  you tomorrow!



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