Trucking in English Podcast: Return to Cincinnati, Part 1

Well, there’s been a bit of a gap, life intervened in the podcasting schedule and I’ve been inundated with ‘where’s my podcast?’ type messages. Apologies to regular fans, the pods are back, with six episodes left before you have to help me finish the book.

To celebrate Canadian National Podcasting Day, here’s the next episode…on a Thursday, now there’s posh.

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Now, welcome to the first part of Chapter 18, and if you’ve missed the earlier episodes, they’re over at the Trucking in English Podcasts pages.

The hubris of almost knowing what one is doing, a love/hate relationship with the CB and the wisdom or otherwise of making notes.

Trucking in English therefore presents:

Chapter 18: Return to Cincinnati
Part 1: In which our heroine gets a few  things right, but not necessarily the important ones.

If you liked the song it’s I like trucks by Kendel Carson. Find her and hear the rest on Youtube, even if you don’t like country stuff!

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