Trucking in English Podcast: The Man From The Ministry, Part 1

Playing about in empty compounds and manoeuvring around plastic bollards is all very well, but there  is a test to prepare for.

What with road test routes to learn, the alarming discovery that reversing feels different close to buildings, and the added complication of a foolhardy injury,  the build-up to test day doesn’t go smoothly.

Welcome to the first part of Chapter 4, and if you’ve missed the earlier episodes, they’re over at the Trucking in English Podcasts page.

This week there will be pain, defeat, tears and shame.

Trucking in English therefore presents:

Chapter 4: The Man From The Ministry
Part 1: In which our heroine lets the sisterhood down.


If you liked the song it’s I like trucks by Kendel Carson. Find her and hear the rest on Youtube, even if you don’t like country stuff!

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