Trucking in English Podcast: If All Else Fails, Part 2

Well writing about trucking has definitely given over to talking about trucking and the podcasting pixies are allowing the technology through.

The editing continues as does the podding.

The first part of Chapter 1 attempted to explain why, although it made a pretty poor job since there wasn’t so much a why as an ‘oh dear, I seem to be cornered into having a go.’

Find part one over at the archives on the Trucking in English Podcasts page, but in the meantime we should move swiftly on to how. Not how to drive a truck of course, not yet, just how to get yourself ever more inexorably caught up in thinking you might want to.

Trucking in English therefore presents:

Chapter 1: If All Else Fails
Part 2: In which our heroine learns a few things, only some of which are pointless.


If you liked the song it’s I like trucks by Kendel Carson. Find her and hear the rest on Youtube, even if you don’t like country stuff!

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