Podcasts are here!

All the fun bits, bits that never made it onto the blog, and the extra bits that make it make sense.

Technology permitting, there will be a weekly 10 to 15 minute sound file posted here, to which you can subscribe by RSS or ATOM.

Listen right on the webpage or download the MP3 to your favourite listening device.

The archives will be over at the Trucking in English Podcasts page, but there’s only this one there now. This is because it is the Very First Episode.

You don’t have to be as excited as I am, naturally, but it’s still pretty damned exciting.

And now, for your delectation and delight, Trucking in English presents:

Chapter 1: If All Else Fails.
Part 1: In which our heroine thinks it might be fun to learn to drive a truck.


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